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Hi, my name is Lukas Tsimopoulos and I'd like to share with you my story as well as the birth of The Visionary Blueprint.

Just before we start, I wanted to make sure you have clicked the button above to view the article that Entrepreneur.com featured me on. (give it a read if you care about making money online, I show how I made $104k+ in one month).

(Referenced above: Myself featured on Entrepreneur.com)

My story starts in Adelaide, Australia... When I discovered eBay.. I remember being in Year 8 (around 13-14 years old) and discovering this app, famously known as eBay.. I was stunned at how there were literally MILLIONS of independent people selling basically anything and everything.. 

So what did I do? After getting home from school that day, I spent a few hours on eBay scouting around and doing my research. Without really knowing the potential of online businees, I ended up finding these earphones that were selling like crazy.. I mean, there was one seller on eBay selling over 100 units per day and they were selling their product at $40 each from memory. You do the math on this one... 100 units x $40 is $4,000 per day.

At the time, I found it insane how there was one person making $4,000 per day on there.. I was super young and just wanted to make some money online so with that in mind, I obviously wanted to tap in to this online market.. and I did, by being able to identify problems that people had and offer them products that would help them solve these problems.

Anyways, the next day I went on aliexpress.com , found the earphones at a real low price (this guy was selling them for $40 and the supplier I found on aliexpress had them available for $7..

I purchased 20 units of that specific product and thought I would try to flip them on eBay. They arrived roughly a week or so later - I signed up to eBay, and put a listing up in the morning before school for the product with 20 total units. 

Finished school and checked eBay on my phone and I had sold them ALL within like 9 hours...

You could imagine a 13-14 year old kid being pretty shocked making around $800 within ONE day with pretty little work. Well that was me, I was genuinely shocked and honestly didn't even know how it all happened if I am being honest (lol)..

I ended up doing that for awhile on the side of being in school but it wasn't sort of 'consistent' to an extent. That's when I made the move to the Shopify Dropshippig business model which was already proven to be hugely reliable and consistent.

Plus, I wasn't a huge fan of not being able to sort of build a brand from eBay's platform itself.. which is another reason why I made the shift to Shopify.

Building a brand is absolute key to actually building a long-term income online, and that's what I wanted.. Long-term reliable and consistent income that was predictable to an extent.

Anyways, that was just the beginning for me.. Since that day forward, I built a HUGE passion for creating location-neutral-income (basically making money anywhere, anytime regardless of location). Fast forward 7 years or so and I'm here. Built multiple Dropshipping brands that have provided me with the opportunity to essentially just live life with a lot more freedom and on my own terms.

Fast forward to now where I have students literally making thousands per month.. (check my 'STUDENT' highlights on my profile)

Not to mention, before I went ALL-IN with e-commerce, I was working at my families restaurant-chains. Managed to get a ton of experience there from physically managing stock levels, ordering procedures, managing staff and essentially just the fundamentals of ANY business practice..

Don't get me wrong, I love the hospitality industry as it's an industry that doesn't get enough recognition for the hard workers that consistently work all-year-round, but... I still had a huge passion for building online income through my phone / laptop.. Literally, at any point in time I had a free moment, I would try find something to flip on eBay, marketplace, gumtree etc.

The dopamine levels you get when you look at your phone and see a notification that you made a sale is on another level. Seriously, if you decide to take action and get started today - you WILL experience exactly what I'm saying and you'll come back to me and tell me there's literally no better feeling. (Obviously be prepared to work, this business model won't work if you aren't ready to put in the work and you're a lazy person..)

My Personal Online E-Commerce Results...

So How Does This Business Model Work?

So.. What exactly is Dropshipping and how can you actually make money utilizing it?

With 1-click you can add products to your online store from wholesale sites with millions of products that you can source for a VERY small amount and flip it for 2x, 5x , 10x , 20x etc.

You don't handle or ship anything yourself, you ship it directly to the customer from your supplier. You don't even buy anything until someone buys it from you first at a profit! You just pocket the profit and scale using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Influencer marketing etc.

The BIGGEST difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model (1000’s of stores closing every year in retail) is that the seller (you) doesn’t have to stock, own or invest any money whatsoever. Instead, the seller (you) ONLY purchases inventory as needed (after a customer has already purchased a product from you).


1) Find a current trending product that’s proven to sell
2) Create a simple online store
3) Run some targeted Facebook / Instagram ads
4) Get sales (the fun part - not as hard as you think haha)
5) Receive the money from the sales (you PROFIT)
6) Product is sent straight from the supplier to the customer
7) Repeat!
Pretty simple process, right? ...

I can help you get started today using this exact business model, just like 490+ of my other students have done. You don't need any experience at all. Just a laptop and internet access.. (and obviously a good work ethic, be prepared to put in work)

DM me the word "VISIONARY" and I'll personally respond to you and give you the full details on how to get started alongside my other students that you've seen!

Lets Take A Look At An Example...

Below is an example of a store absolutely killing it at the moment.

Above is a screenshot of a store (not mine) that is currently doing millions of sales per year... They simply sell a few products like this one (pictured above). Their main product is a Wireless Charging Magnet Mount used to charge your phone whilst driving.

This brand sells this product at $76.00 - with just 10 sales per day (which is very do-able), that's $760 PER DAY...

Now lets take a quick look just below..

Now... Jumping over to Aliexpress where we source products like this one, it ONLY costs between $11-$31 per product...

Lets do the math on it. $76 - $31 = $45.

This means that even AFTER expenses of the actual product cost, even if you're making 10 sales per day - you're still making $450 PROFIT per day...

This is how simple it all really is. We find trending products just like this one here and use social media ads (I can teach you that) to generate sales.

Best part about all of this is, once you actually learn how to do it all - it becomes 10x easier and can essentially run on auto-pilot. The process is super simple as you can obviously see.

So why are they actually doing so well? Because not only have they found a decent product, they also know how to market it. Which is crucial to actually seeing success.. You can have the BEST product out there, but if you do not know how to actually market it to the targeted audience, you won't sell it.

This is why having a mentor is the easiest way to accelerate the process of learning all of this. You can literally have a store up and running, making money within a couple of days from now.. Don't take my word for it, take my students word who have actually taken action and proven it.

With just the simple 10 sales per day, that equals over $3000 per week.. There are people out there selling hundreds of units per day, so making 10 sales per day is 100% do-able. You just need to take action and follow a proven step-by-step process.

My Recent News Press

"Click below to view some recent press that I've had on my E-Commerce journey so far"

@AKON Reaching Out To Me

Recently I had the opportunity to mentor a friend of Akon's without knowing their relationship and Akon connected with me.

Sooo many people push the "entrepreneur" path on to others and essentially "shit" on those working 9-5 jobs.. If that all makes sense. What I mean is, if you're happy with your regular 9-5 job, then don't let anyone "force" you into thinking that you're any less of a person than someone who's seeking the "entrepreneur" path. Happiness is key. Do whatever the f#$k makes you happy..
Being an "Entrepreneur" 100% isn't for everyone.. But I could assume that the majority of the world's population would prefer to create an income online with their laptop / phone.. So why not at-least just give it a try? You've got nothing to lose.. Give it a GOOD try, if you fail, you fail.. If you avoid trying at all, you'll look back in 5, 10, 15 years or so and regret not even taking the tiny risk of trying... 

I know it's super cliche but.. could you think of any given situation where someone who's close to the end of their lifespan has mentioned that they actually regretted TRYING something?... It barely exists.. All i'm trying to get across is, just try different shit.. Jeff Bezos started by selling fkn books... worth $116 billion, selling fkn books...

Literally imagine right now, you go to your boss, tell him you're going to quit next week because you want to follow your passion, of selling books online... 110% they would laugh and be like " Ahh that might be a good idea but its not going to work". 

That actually happened to Jeff Bezos, search the story up for yourself..

What i mean is, there's no real logical reason to not try shit nowadays.. If it doesn't work out, cool, move on to the next thing to try. Eventually you'll come across something; you're passionate about, and something that actually works for you. Or, maybe go try sell some books like Bezos did haha 🤣

Anyways, if you're still reading this then you're most likely HIGHLY interested in building an income online, right?

My Recent Students Results From Working With Me

(Below are some results from my students who put in consistent work to get started with me on their E-Commerce journey!)

How Can You Get Started Today? ...

I'm currently looking for a handful of students to work closely with to help them create their own income online.. You don't need ANY experience at all. As long as you follow these main key-points below, you're ready to get started!

Below I've pointed out a few key-points that you MUST have in order for me to be able to work with you, and help you get a live online store up and running, generating profit..

1) You MUST be teachable (willing to learn new concepts, strategies, open-minded) etc.

2) You MUST be willing to put in a few hours per week to actually make this all work.. 

3) You MUST have a laptop, or desktop computer (as this is how we create online income)

4) You can't be someone who gives up easily and you NEED to commit to putting in the work, simple.

Those are the few main key-points and I can go into this in much more detail with you 1-on-1.

If YOU want to personally, 1-on-1 work with me, send me a DM through to my profile ( @itslukasts ) with the word "VISIONARY".

Before contacting me, make sure to check out my "STUDENT" highlights on my IG profile! Now is the PERFECT time to get started.. with Cornavirus currently dismantling millions of people from their job's, it's a no-brainer to begin creating an income online... 

Think about it for a second.. a ton of countries are already in lock-down, meaning, they're required to stay home and do minimal outside activites etc.

What are they going to be doing at home? Staring at their walls? Highly doubt it haha, no.. they're going to be on their phones, laptops, computers etc. flicking through social media feeling bored..

Why not take the opportunity to sell them something? I mean, it's up to you to make a move.. I've suggested products within the Entertainment and Health niche to my current students and they're KILLING it right now.. Majority above $1k+ days. 

Again, it's up to you.. want to actually take action and get started? Send me a DM, i'll get you started alongside my other students! 

Join The Visionary Family Today!

If you decide to actually take action and get started today, you'll be invited into our Private Facebook Mastermind Group with ALL past/current students.

Inside this community are students who went from ZERO experience, to smashing consistent $1k, $2k, $3k+ days in their stores.

Obviously this took them some hard work and perseverance BUT... You need to be willing to put in the work otherwise this is pointless for you to even consider starting..

This isn't rocket science, we literally sell trending products online and turn them into a brand. Simple stuff.

The Disturbing Cost of Not Having a Mentor..

Some take on the bold idea of trying to do this all alone, without any course or mentorship...
Yeah, maybe it's possible. But it will be incredibly and excruciatingly painful and difficult. Not to mention that it will delay your success by years and will cost you thousands of dollars from investing into bad products as well as ineffective marketing..
❌ To figure out all this information and all the right steps to get your online e-commerce business started the right way it would take you 3-10 years of your life and you might not even figure it all out..

❌ You run the risk of investing in failed product after failed product, and lose thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in the process on easily preventable mistakes

❌ Succeeding in e-commerce requires the right mindset, and to get your mindset right and change your paradigm yourself may take you decades of lost years and pain - and your life may pass without it ever being done 

❌ To build a support network/community of people like this would take years, you have instant access to it all...
❌ You'll be stuck without any kind of mentorship or expert advice to turn to in those periods where you're left feeling incredibly confused, disoriented and at a loss for what to do next

Why Should You Start Now?

There will be over 2 billion people shopping online in 2020.. That's over 25% of the world's population buying online. 

Meanwhile.. more and more people are starting successful Shopify stores every single day and taking control of their life & destiny forever. Within that set of 2 billion people, imagine selling a product to 10-20 people per day.. You do the maths, i'm sure that would positively affect your life.

Some Quick Stats:

Over 1,000,000 Shopify stores...
​Over $135,000,000,000 in online sales...
​eCommerce growing at 20% year to year
​25% of the world's population buying online
There has never been a better time to start a Shopify business ever in history.
It's time to take action, join the freedom movement and build the life of your dreams.

More Student Results

Waiting for me to get back to your DM about getting started? I'll try to get back to your message as soon as possible. Whilst you're waiting for me to get back to you, make sure you've taken a look through all my "STUDENT" highlights on my Instagram Profile! I post some of my students results inside there.

Important Note:

I ONLY work with students who are seriously committed to achieving the goals that they have in mind. My online program is results-driven purely because you must follow the main key-points required to work with me to get you started.

Please do not contact me if you aren't prepared to go all-in on e-commerce. Trust me, I'm only saying this as i initially went into e-commerce without my full potential, and then later returned going ALL-IN and achieved significantly better results.. It's 2020, make the change, get started. DM me "SHOPIFY"
DISCLAIMER: You recognize and agree that I have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future sales or results, or that you will earn any money and that I have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. You must obtain advice on taxes (affiliate marketing taxes, sales tax, income tax, business taxes, etc.) from a tax professional. You must obtain business formation, legal and patent advice from a legal professional. I take no responsibility for any information given that falls under those categories. You accept that I am not a tax or legal professional. You must consult a legal professional for advice on these topics. I make absolutely NO guarantee of success, monetary or otherwise, and I take no responsibility for any time or money spent in relation to this course, products, advertising, my assistance, or otherwise. Only one person may access the course per purchase. If a user is seen allowing others to use his account to access the course, that person will be removed the course without a refund. You may not share this information with others not enrolled in the course. If you are found uploading these videos or sharing information anywhere else, you will be removed without refund. The Facebook group is there so everyone in this group and converse about topics of this course. Results may vary. Accept that although you follow this course, you may not receive the sales or income desired. I am not responsible for your well-being or your income. Please be aware of this.

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